Saturday, August 14, 2010

Must See Movie

This afternoon, I had the pleasure to view a great movie titled "One Night with the King". Let me tell you how I came to watch this great film....

A year ago, my First Lady took us on a retreat where she discussed great ladies of the bible as role models. One of those ladies was Esther. She talked about how Esther had to know when and how to speak to the King and how God had favored her with that. She also talked about how brave and courageous Esther was for standing up for her people even when her own life was at stake.
At that time she also talked about a movie that we all needed to see about Esther. I went back and read about Esther in the bible and thought, "I must find this movie". I never found it, then one day I saw it in a Christian catalog and was like 'WOW!!!! there's that movie about Esther, I should go buy it". I didn't.
Last week, I started my subscription to Netflix and was looking through the movie listings, do you know what I found...... The movie about Esther. This time, I immediately placed it in my instant watch set and said, "Now I have it and can watch it" This afternoon, I finally sat down and watched the movie. IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!! If you have not seen this movie,please try to find it and watch it. If you have seen it, spread the word to all women.