Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday Marvels

Well, its Monday agian and we are here living and breathing. What a blessing!!! Today's marvels have to deal with love. I will celebrating my wedding anniversary of Friday so I wanted to share the love with all of you.

I thought these Favor Tags byIndigoPearlStudio. say a lot. I really am excited about growing old with my husband. There is so much that we haven't done or seen and I just know that when we do it together, it's gonna be great!!!!

This next item syas something that I have always tried to remember. I think every married or engaged couple should learn this verse. It's timeless and so true. This great piece was crafted by LetterPictures, please go and check out more of the wonderful art.

When I first saw this piece, I thought to myself, "how true" and what a cute way to represent that thought. They say opposites attract, but through it all, those opposites work well together. Thanks so much for this great reminder pitterpatterpress.

My last marvel for my love is this great set of T-shirts.
I looked at them and said," They say it all". What a great statement to make to your spouse as well as the world. I love them, thanks so much OodlesDecals for a wonderful way to celebrate an anniversary.