Saturday, December 11, 2010

Holiday Outings

Don't you just love getting together for the holidays with your friends? I love it too. It gives you the opportunity to just be free and have fun with those people that truly care about you.

Tonight, I had a Holiday luncheon with a group of ladies from my church....and we had a blast. We had a nice private room at an italian restaurant named Maggianos in Atlanta. I loved the privacy in the room too!! we got to just talk, laugh, and be silly. The food was great and the game we played was a lot of fun. It's called Dirty Santa.... I know that's wierd that church people are playing a game with that name, but it a blast. If you have never played it, I suggest you try it this holiday season.
How to play:
1. everyone brings a secret gift
2. wirte numbers on small pieces of paper that correspond to the number of people at the party
3. place each number in a bucket
4. have each person choose a number out of the bucket.
5. the person with 1 goes first, by picking any gift on the table
6. the guests keep picking gifts according to their number picked.
Now here's the dirty part.............

When number 2 picks their gift and opens it, they can take the gift that #1 has if they like it more.... yes take and give them their gift. This opportunity to take another guests gifts continues until the last person chooses their gift.

I ended up taking another persons gift and then someone took mine!!!! I still ended up with a great gift though.

I hope you can add this game to your holiday party this year

Monday, December 6, 2010

First Holiday Give Away

Hi friends, I'm launching my first give-away!!!!! LOOK WHAT YOU CAN WIN!!!

These are a set of three kleenex holders in a beautiful praise filled fabric

Here are the rules for winning them:

1. Become a follower or already be a follower of my blog & leave a comment
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The winner will be chosen on December 13 using

Good Luck and thanks for visiting me