Saturday, December 11, 2010

Holiday Outings

Don't you just love getting together for the holidays with your friends? I love it too. It gives you the opportunity to just be free and have fun with those people that truly care about you.

Tonight, I had a Holiday luncheon with a group of ladies from my church....and we had a blast. We had a nice private room at an italian restaurant named Maggianos in Atlanta. I loved the privacy in the room too!! we got to just talk, laugh, and be silly. The food was great and the game we played was a lot of fun. It's called Dirty Santa.... I know that's wierd that church people are playing a game with that name, but it a blast. If you have never played it, I suggest you try it this holiday season.
How to play:
1. everyone brings a secret gift
2. wirte numbers on small pieces of paper that correspond to the number of people at the party
3. place each number in a bucket
4. have each person choose a number out of the bucket.
5. the person with 1 goes first, by picking any gift on the table
6. the guests keep picking gifts according to their number picked.
Now here's the dirty part.............

When number 2 picks their gift and opens it, they can take the gift that #1 has if they like it more.... yes take and give them their gift. This opportunity to take another guests gifts continues until the last person chooses their gift.

I ended up taking another persons gift and then someone took mine!!!! I still ended up with a great gift though.

I hope you can add this game to your holiday party this year


  1. That game does sound like fun :-)

  2. Ooh, this is a classic - we call it "Yankee Swap" up here in Maine...Now if you really wanna have some giggles, do a "White Elephant - Dirty Santa"! This would be where everyone brings a funny unwanted household item wrapped up as a gift instead of buying one (the white elephant part)- then play the game as you described- Such fun and complete continuous laughs! Its hilarious! (And you have a really nice blog, I just started mine- glad to find a fellow christian blogger :)

  3. I have played that in years past - it is so much fun.


  4. Shanna, I am going to have to add that "white Elephant" aspect to the game, that sounds like a lot of fun!!!!

  5. We do the same thing with our White Elephant family exchange. It can be so much fun, except it's hard for my kids...they don't understand the concept of "fun" having someone else take your gift, when you're happy with it! =)

    Glad you had fun!