Friday, January 14, 2011

Cabin Fever

Well, for the past week, I have been homebound due to icy weather here in Georgia. The schools were closed and we were told to stay home if we really didn't have to go I stayed in.

Now most quilters would have been glad about this, but for some reason, I could only finish 3 projects and then it was like,"what's next".

The next thing for me was to just hang out at home with hubby, who was also on vacation!!!!. That too got a little old then I went to the Wii and began playing video games. This was a true test of me being able to entertain my self and not go into cabin fever.

This did lead me to thanking God that I am not homebound all of the time and I can go out when I want to. Isn't it interesting the things that God can bring to the surface!!!!


  1. Well it looks like you made good use of your sewing time. The wall hangings are gorgeous, as is the bag! Isn't it funny how when you can't go out, you want to, and vice versa?

  2. Wow Miranda, you were busy! I can't believe all the snow down south! But I'm glad you had time to be productive.

    Do you print on your own fabric? I love that wall hanging!

  3. Being mildly agoraphobic, I don't mind being inside but the Lord does lead me outside once in a while.


  4. AMK, I bought those from a company online. I'll have to find the name of them and send it to you.