Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday Marvels

Well, I now it's been a while since I've posted..... but here are a few items that I think are just marvelous.....

These glass beads by CarolsGlassBeads are just beautiful. Look at the intricate details and the colors are just wonderful. You must check out her shop.

This piece of art spoke right to me. I am always looking for Hope and a little reminder that God knows what he is doing. If you sometimes need a little reminder, this may be for you.

Hiddeninheart is the artist and I will be back to her shop.

This last item, by BusybeeHolidays is a great idea!!!! I have a neice that could this item to keep all of her stuff in one neat place. What an awesome product.

Well, you just saw three items that I think are just marvelous, go check them out and see for yourself.


  1. Great marvels. So many wonderful ones on Etsy.
    I love the card.


  2. Very nice selections Miranda! Thanks for sharing them with us!

    I love your blog cute! Orange is just awesome. =)

    Have a beautiful week!